Right from early childhood, we are aware of honey bee as a cute little-winged insect that collects nectar from flowers which is processed by human beings to form honey. The people who have been bitten by a bee, however, do not think so. It is a useful insect for human kind in more ways than one; but its bites are dreadful. A honey bee will sting only when it feels endangered, the sting being quite painful. We have introduced products for bee control so that you will never get a shot of this frightful experience.

At our stores, dusters specially designed for the elimination of bees are available. These dusters have tapered cork for accurate extermination. If you want to slay honey bees on a larger extent, a spray containing Lamdba- Cyhalothrin can be used. These have proved to be extremely useful in quick honey bee assassination. It may also be used to secure the circumference of the house against a honey bee attack. Since some people might develop extreme reactions to a bee bite, it is wise to take a preventive action rather than curative.

A honey bee dies if the stinger is torn out of its body. This tip might come in useful if you spot a single bee. In a case otherwise, we have a range of products that would come in handy. A Deltamethrin based spray is an excellent example of such a product. This spray leaves a residual dust which is not only useful to eliminate bees but also for various other insects. Its effect last for more than 6 months if it is left undisturbed. It is moisture non absorbent and does not plod.

We provide you these products at a very low price. We have various schemes for those of you who buy multiple products or buy both product and services. Hurry up so that you life does not ‘sting’.

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