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Emily Lopez
70 reviews

Istation: A Great Educational App for Students to Learn in a Fun Way Review

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Istation is a mobile client that lets you access the database of Istation courses from your mobile device. Digital instructions and educational resources include reading, Spanish language, math, and many more. The entire experience is gamified, so the app is classified as an educational game. You can get Istation on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android.

Graphics – 5/5

All the exercises in the Istation game are supplied with high-quality illustrations by professional digital artists. As a result, the game looks engaging to children who play it. The arts are diverse and introduce a huge roster of fictional characters, which adds an explorational element to the gameplay. It’s always exciting to enter new levels to look at what’s hidden there. Modern kids need animation and effects to stay engaged, and the game has them in the right amount so that kids don’t get distracted.

Gameplay – 4/5

Istation offers a variety of educational games for learning different school subjects, including languages, math, writing, pronunciation, and other subjects and skills. The gameplay is focused on the development of particular skills and memorization of new information via interactions with virtual environments. All the activities are designed with the results of research work in mind, so you can be sure to achieve positive results.

If you’re a teacher, you can use your account to gather progress reports of students via the management website and use the data to improve the educational process.

Controls – 5/5

The game is designed to be straightforward and as easy to play as possible. All the tasks feature simple tap controls without complicated gestures or multitouch commands. Most mini-games are controlled via a taskbar at the bottom, but some involve interactions with the entire screen area.

Replay Value – 4/5

The game includes a variety of levels and themed locations, but the content base of the game receives updates quite rarely. It’s important to divide the playthrough into small parts to keep children engaged and avoid running out of content.

If you like:

  • Using gadgets in the classroom;
  • Modern educational methods;
  • Exciting learning games;
  • Centralized progress control.
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Istation is a high-quality instrument that will help you introduce interactive learning to your students and children. The app is designed to entertain and motivate kids, so integrating it into the learning process is really beneficial.

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