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Lexia Reading Core5 Review

Lexia Core5 Reading is a mobile client of the popular Lexia Learning service by Rosetta Stone Company. It provides support for educators who’s goal is to boost literacy in pre-K-5 grades that involve students of all abilities. The app lets you learn and teach foundational and advanced literacy. There’s a free trial to try the app.

Functionality – 5/5

The app provides access to foundational exercises, including phonemic awareness development, letter-sound connection understanding, word recognition, and vocabulary building. The advanced course includes exercises for academic language skills development, higher-order thinking practice, text analysis skill-building, deep comprehension, and many more. Teachers can use automated analysis to predict future performance, adjust the instructional intensity, build-up action plans, and more.

Design – 4/5

The user interface of the Lexia Core5 Reading app is very similar to a mobile game as the majority of exercises are placed on bright and colorful backgrounds to help young students concentrate on the material better. The quality of the arts is high, but we think that the images lack animation. Hopefully, the developer will improve this to boost the excitement of players.

Usability – 4/5

This app is an excellent complement to general and advanced literacy courses at home, school, and other educational establishments. The app lacks some web version’s capabilities, but if you use them together, the experience will be great as both versions complement each other.

Cross-platform use – 5/5

The Lexia Core5 Reading mobile app is available for smartphones and tablets running iOS, Android, and iPad OS. Teachers can also access their accounts from the Chrome browser on a computer or mobile device to gather statistics and get recommendations from the program. It’s also easy to print off particular lessons to give homework or make tests in the classroom when the computers aren’t available.


If you like:

  • Interactive literacy lessons;
  • Learning through playing;
  • Automated progress analytics;
  • Multiplatform e-learning.
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Lexia Core5 Reading offers a wide range of well-researched technology-based resources for effective literacy development. The lessons include everything you may need to achieve your educational goals, and open case studies prove the high efficacy of these courses.

Interface 4

Key functions 5

Usability 4

Cross platform 5

Average : 4.5

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