Apex Legends Pro Reaches Top Rank Without a Single Kill: A Flawed System or a Test of Skill?

Apex Legends Pro Reaches Top Rank Without a Single Kill: A Flawed System or a Test of Skill? on Liontamer Top Blog

In an impressive display of gaming expertise, Apex Legends pro, sweetdreams, recently demonstrated the potential shortcomings of the game's ranking system by reaching the highest rank of Apex Predator – without scoring a single kill. The feat garnered substantial attention and sparked debates among the gaming community regarding the current state of the ranking system.

Sweetdreams played a total of 50 matches without dealing any damage to opponents, instead focusing solely on survival and support. To achieve his goal, he solo queued without relying on expert teammates and utilized Crypto, a recon character leveraging a surveillance drone to gather intelligence and guide his team. Despite the lack of aggressive gameplay from sweetdreams, his team managed to win five out of 50 matches and place in the top five in the others.

While many gamers argue that the ranking system is flawed, as it prioritizes survival over kills, Respawn, the game's developer, stands by its decision to focus on the "last squad standing" concept, asserting that battle royale games should emphasize winning as the primary objective. However, this approach raises questions about the overall entertainment value of battle royale shooters, where players often prefer engaging in combat over hiding to secure a high rank.

It's worth noting that achieving Apex Predator without eliminating other players is no small feat, even for a professional player like sweetdreams. The ability to reach the highest rank not only showcases his gaming proficiency but also demonstrates how the current ranking system can work effectively. Nonetheless, the veracity of this ranking remains in question, as his comment "sitting in trees" implies that a top rank should not be achieved by merely avoiding combat.

In conclusion, sweetdreams' Apex Predator achievement without securing a single kill highlights a contentious aspect of the current ranking system and brings forth questions about the true nature of battle royale games. While Respawn stands by the survival-focused ranking system, the gaming community remains divided on whether this approach aligns with the entertaining essence of the genre. Ultimately, sweetdreams' feat showcases not only his skill but also ignites a crucial debate within the gaming world.

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