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How To Improve Your Chrome Experience on Liontamer Top Blog

Google Chrome could have been a perfect mobile browser, but it’s rather seen as an insatiable dragon making your phone chipset exhale fire.

Yes, it exploits all the power of your smartphone or tablet, but there must be ways to tame its appetites, and yes, there are.

Here are some tips on training your Chrome, and after mastering them you’ll be a Chrome Makto riding it over the Internet. 

Save Your Data Plan

There's never enough megabytes in our data plans, and they expire sooner than we think. If you agree with that, the following instruction is the most precious for you.

  • Go to the three-dot Menu
  • Open Settings
  • Select Data Saver line
  • Turn this option on

The app will collect your stats and show the economy you get. It’s possible to save 35-40% on your mobile data usage and extend your prepaid data plan with no necessity to overthink every page you load. And yes, it only concerns the pages opened in Chrome and doesn’t affect other apps using the Web, so don’t relax completely upon having done this.

Use Forced Zoom on Pages

Some pages are not easy to read, and zooming is blocked in the settings. But there are ways to make these pages easier to read.

  • Go to three-dot Menu
  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Accessibility
  • Find the Force enable zoom line and tick the box
  • Go back

Now you can pinch your web pages to zoom them in or out, even if the developer has blocked this option.

Set Icons of Your Favorite Sites for Quick Access

If you want to access your favorite pages quicker, setting them as icons on your home screen will make sense.

  • Open the site or exact page you want to bookmark for quick access.
  • Go to the three-dot Menu
  • Select Add to Home screen (near the end of the menu)
  • Go back to your home screen to make sure the page has been added
  • If you wish, you may group these bookmarks in a folder

This bookmark collection will make your Chrome start with the page you need immediately.

There is an alternative option. If you don’t want these bookmarks on your Android home, you can visit the sites several times, and your Chrome will automatically add them to Favorites. So they will be displayed on your default Chrome page (if you haven’t set a certain homepage different from Chrome default) or on any new page, you open.

Clear Your Cache Regularly

Yes, it can be made from general Settings, but Chrome has its own tool for it. So, when you see your Chrome starts working slower, do the following:

  • Open the Menu
  • Open Settings
  • Open Personal Data
  • Find the Clear History button at the bottom

Select the types of data you want to clear. We recommend you select History, Cache, and Cookies (they are selected by default). Clearing these will speed up your Chrome as well as your phone overall. We don't recommend to clear Passwords. There is anonymous browsing for that.

The tricks work both on iOS and Android. Of course, there’s much more to tell about treating your data right, but that’s a topic to discuss and roll out further.

Was this helpful for you? What Chrome tricks do you use? Share it in the comments!

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