If you love your pet and want to save him from flea attack, then buy flea proof mattress covers as soon as possible. Once infested by fleas, be sure that your pet is going to suffer ‘n’ number of hardships. The nasty little hoppers will jump from one place to another and hide their eggs within as much time as the blink of an eye. Fleas are bloodsucking parasites belonging to the class of Siphonaptera. The colour of a flea would be anywhere between reddish-brown to black. Adult fleas have strong hind legs which help them to jump easily through feathers and hairs. Entomologists have discovered the existence of more than 2,000 species of fleas; the common ones being Cat flea, Dog flea and Human flea. Wait, don’t panic! Fleas are more likely to attack your pet than you. So, let your pets be safe and sound by providing them with flea proof mattress protectors available in various sizes and designs.

Flea resistant mattress covers look somewhat like this. At your home, even if you find one flea evidence mattress covers need to be changed immediately. Flea proof mattress toppers resemble thin sheets or blankets. They just need to be planted above the pet’s cosy bed. Flea proof mattress covers bed bug prevention also. A flea mattress pad is engineered to ward off the fleas and act as an impermeable layer for fleas and other similar bugs like bed bugs, ticks, spiders etc. It is complemented by a flea mattress cover that acts as a spread sheet providing a soft smooth layer to the pad.

Major flea hideouts:

  1. Furniture- tables, chairs.
  2. Upholstery- on chairs, sofas.
  3. Carpeting and flooring
  4. Antiques and showcase stuff etc.

Although there is no particular product to overcome the attack for antiques proof mattress covers designed especially for fleas can be fully utilised.

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