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Minecraft is an indie game in the sandbox genre with elements of a survival simulator and an open world, developed by Swedish programmer Marcus Persson in 2009, who later founded his company Mojang and continued to release the game under a new brand. This game launched a series of the same name and whose works are characterized by a minimalist cubic design.

Graphics 3/5

The graphics of this super-popular game worldwide are something special. Often the phrase "square world" is used to describe this game, but this is its feature, because not having in its arsenal of super cool graphics, this game proves that almost unlimited and diverse world of this game, interacting with which the player can create many new mods and show their creative creativity and ingenuity can all compensate for such specific graphics as in the game Minecraft and ensure the game's worldwide popularity. The game also has the ability to play online on servers with other players.

Gameplay 5/5

The gameplay of this game is very diverse, and this is one of the key factors that ensures the popularity of this game around the world and among people of all ages. Everyone here will find something to their liking, because the game can be both a familiar "sandbox" and a full-fledged action game. At the same time, the standard capabilities can be significantly expanded with the help of mods. In this game, you have different types of activities - it can be construction, logging, mining and hunting, but these are just the main types of activities, and there are a lot more of their derivatives. There are several modes in the game, and their difficulty depends on the availability and number of mobs. In each of the three worlds, the creative world, survival and adventure, you are sure to find something interesting and creative.

Controls 5/5

Controlling Minecraft on a computer is not difficult if the player has already dealt with computer games. The game uses a standard keyboard and mouse layout if you play the game on a personal computer. As for the game on tablets and phones on iOS and Android platforms, they use the same control, and it is possible to play on Xbox and PlayStation and there all the controls for Xbox and PlayStation editions are carried out using the gamepad of your chosen device.

Replay Value 5/5

An extremely large number of connoisseurs of the world and a large number of different editions of this game suggests that players return to Minecraft appreciating its diversity and creativity in creating a game world and the opportunity to diversify activities and activities, which constantly allows players to apply their creative skills and fantasy. Due to such a large number of different types of activities and opportunities, such as: exploring the world, creating various buildings and objects or fighting with different opponents, etc., each time the player will discover something new in this world.

If you like

If you like the variety of game worlds and activities in them and you like to express yourself as a creative person, then this game is worth a try. Its variety will pleasantly surprise you, and only specific graphics can interfere.

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Despite the fact that the game is not famous for chic graphics, it fascinates the gamer with its storyline and thoughtfulness in the implementation of the game world. You can customize the whole game - choose the game mode, change the textures of cubes and mobs or even go down to hell. There are also many mods that add other worlds, new ores, or animals. Another big plus of this game is the presence of multiplayer, i.e. the ability to play with friends.

Graphs 3

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay value 5

Average : 4.5

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