Spider Proof Mattress Covers

In a time of crusader attacks of bugs, you should be aware of the saviour spider proof mattress covers launched quite a long time back. Spiders are air-breathing Arachnids, with fangs that inject venom. They constitute the largest order of Arachnids and stand on the seventh position in total species diversity. Spiders have spread out to the whole world with the exception of Antarctica. According to the survey of 2008, more than 40,000 spider species have been identified and recorded. Continue reading “Spider Proof Mattress Covers”

Flea Sheets

Flea sheets are engineered to ward off the fleas and act as an impermeable layer for fleas and other similar bugs. Flea forms to be an irritating group of insects. Besides making the pet’s life miserable due to itching, a flea is also responsible for various diseases like tapeworm, anaemia etc. If fleas are transferred from pets to human, signs of rashes, anaemia and severe itching among humans is seen. Flea comforter sheets help us in achieving freedom from fleas. Thus it is best to nip this problem in the bud. Continue reading “Flea Sheets”

Mosquito Proof Mattress Covers

The need for Mosquito proof mattress covers has arisen just after the spread of extreme mosquito-bite cases in our country. These nasty little gnats have wreaked havoc in the peaceful lives of the people and stirred the calmness of our daily routines. Mosquitoes are more likely to attack during the summer season when the humid and warm climate is favourable for mosquito breeding and growth. Continue reading “Mosquito Proof Mattress Covers”

Flea Proof Mattress Covers

If you love your pet and want to save him from flea attack, then buy flea proof mattress covers as soon as possible. Once infested by fleas, be sure that your pet is going to suffer ‘n’ number of hardships. The nasty little hoppers will jump from one place to another and hide their eggs within as much time as the blink of an eye. Fleas are bloodsucking parasites belonging to the class of Siphonaptera. The colour of a flea would be anywhere between reddish-brown to black. Adult Continue reading “Flea Proof Mattress Covers”


Protect-A-Bed was founded in South Africa 30 years ago. Finally established in the year 2000, the company is based in Illinois. It was the first company to have its products’ verification done, to be bed bug proof, by an independent laboratory. It manufactures protection products for pillows and mattresses, such as encasement, mattress pad and mattress protector that help protect against allergens, dust mites and bed bugs. Continue reading “Protect-A-Bed”

Bed Bug Resistant Mattress Covers

Bed bugs are tiny, blood-sucking insects. They have a nocturnal and immobile behaviour. Attracted to human body heat, bed bugs tend to prefer human blood to other mammals blood. Bed bug bites appear as red welts on the affected area, with a lot of itchiness. Owing to their lazy nature, the job of detecting bed bugs becomes very difficult. Bed bugs hide in the cracks and crevices of walls, seams of mattresses, flooring gaps and other undisturbed areas. If left unchecked, their Continue reading “Bed Bug Resistant Mattress Covers”

Bed Bug Furniture Protection

Bed bug furniture protection is a major issue, as furniture and carpeting are major hiding spots for these nasty creeps. Bed bugs need undisturbed areas to hide in, so they choose heavy furniture, tables and fixtures that are not moved often. Although their favorite hideout is your cosy bed, yet in order to expand their colonies, they put away their eggs in places out of reach. Apart from spending on bed bug extermination treatments, you should first invest a small amount Continue reading “Bed Bug Furniture Protection”