About Flies

House flies have been buzzing all around us since millions of years. We all are very much familiar with it. They are very common household pests. Though they don’t bite but plays a major role in transmitting disease. They love to visit all the dirty places like sewers, dumps, faecal matter, sputum, decaying matter and many more. As they come to rest they regurgitate and excrete thereby transmitting many diseases. Continue reading “About Flies”

What are Fleas?

Fleas are fully capable to spread an epidemic around the globe! The whole world stands witness to this statement, as these insects (now, in the league of pests) have already given us enough evidence. These pests are bloodsucking parasites belonging to the class of Siphonaptera. The color of a flea can be anywhere between reddish-brown to black. Adult fleas have strong hind legs which help them to jump easily through feathers and hairs. Entomologists have Continue reading “What are Fleas?”

About Honey Bees

Right from early childhood, we are aware of honey bee as a cute little-winged insect that collects nectar from flowers which is processed by human beings to form honey. The people who have been bitten by a bee, however, do not think so. It is a useful insect for human kind in more ways than one; but its bites are dreadful. A honey bee will sting only when it feels endangered, the sting being quite painful. We have introduced products for bee control so that you will never Continue reading “About Honey Bees”