In a time of crusader attacks of bugs, you should be aware how to get rid of spiders. Spiders are air-breathing Arachnids, with fangs that inject venom. They constitute the largest order of Arachnids and stand on the seventh position in total species diversity. Spiders have spread out to the whole world with the exception of Antarctica. According to the survey of 2008, more than 40,000 spider species have been identified and recorded.

Most spiders bite humans as an act of self-defence. Many of the spider species feed on plant nectar etc. Owing to the eight-legged monster look of the spider, Arachnophobia is the most common fears suffered by mankind. It is the fear spiders or of anything related to spiders, say, cobwebs etc. A Bug proof mattress coveris quite helpful in avoiding spider bites. The specially designed mattress cover takes care of bed bugs, spiders, ticks, dust mites, bacteria and mould as well. Hence we can say that the spider proof mattress covers bed bug nuisance as well.

Although humans are bit by spiders in self-defence, yet they tend to develop many irritations ranging from general to severe. The bites of Black Widow spider, Funnel web spider, Brown Recluse spider and some more have also resulted in human death.

While designing products that are spider proof Bed bath and beyond has taken away all the credit. Amongst all the products launched by them, multi-bug proof mattress protectors have topped the charts.

When at home, spider proof mattress protectors will play the trick; but you are more likely to fall prey to spiders outdoors. Obviously, you would not like to become a spider victim while camping or hiking; it would spoil all the fun. Instead of ending up your camping trip on the hospital bed, it would be wise of you to take precautionary measures. Save yourself from spider nightmares; buy our spider proof mattress covers Queen Size. We also have the Premium sized covers engineered to best fit your mattress with a hint of elasticity in them. Chemical usage in the preparation of our products has been minimised in order to keep our product ‘green’.

When going for a picnic, protect your beloved ones by exercising precautions. Take along with you, spider proof mattress covers. Do not ponder long on the question of how to carry such covers. Spider proof mattress toppers or covers come packed up in portable and safe spider proof mattress bags; and we’ve got them all.

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