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Grand Theft Auto V Review

Grand Theft Auto V – incredibly fascinating version of the legendary Grand Theft Auto line with astonishingly extensive gameplay. This action game from Rockstar North, which was released in 2015, still does not leave charts. The game immerses you in full of adventures and incredible events in Los Santos, where you can do everything you wish!

Graphics 5/5

What do you know about good graphics? Nothing if you haven't played Grand Theft Auto V yet! The graphics are so amazing that you can even be shocked. Realism is on top. The developers were able to achieve such stunning texture details that it seems to you like it's a movie. Considering the huge game world with limitless possibilities, this level of graphics is amazing. It is also possible to adjust the quality of textures depending on the capabilities of your PC, which will make it possible to enjoy this game for all gamers.

Gameplay 5/5

The philosophy of this game is in the largest and most detailed game world provided to the player with almost unlimited possibilities. Thus, the developers have implemented such an extensive gameplay that almost unlimited possibilities open up for the player. Imagine that, controlling one of three heroes to choose from, you seem to plunge into the world given to you and realize your wildest plans. Unlimited movement around the city both on foot and by any kind of transport, driving any car, yacht or even an airplane. From entertainment, you have access to everything you could dream of: races, casinos, golf, bars, beautiful girls, and many others. And all this can be combined to your liking.

Controls 5/5

The controls are realized in the traditional way, the developers have not changed anything. Everything is extremely simple and intuitive. You run the hero with a keyboard and a mouse, drive a car or other kind of transport using the keyboard and mouse. In addition, it is possible to operate the frame in dynamics, i.e. you can watch your actions from the side and even record videos with exciting car stunts or brutal gunfights. The controls can be changed, and the mouse sensitivity can be adjusted.

Replay Value 5/5

This game can be played endlessly. Every time as the first - you decide what and how you will do today. This game was developed to gift you new unforgettable emotions every time from the endless gameplay. It is impossible to finish it, it is impossible to forget it. A single mission can be accomplished through various approaches, each involving distinct interactions with the external environment, leading to a diverse progression of outcomes.

If you like:

  • open world;
  • freedom of actions;
  • lots of content and entertainment;
  • great graphics;


The game is definitely worth your attention, it will definitely give you a huge mass of unforgettable impressions. With this game, you will become a part of the gaming world of incredible Los Santos and plunge into its amazing atmosphere. The game is so different from all others with its unique gameplay that it will definitely become your favorite game. In this game you are the main character, and only you can decide what to do next.

Pros : Extensive Gameplay;
Variety of Characters;
High Quality Graphics;
Multiplayer Mode;
Customization Options.

Cons : Mature Content;
Technical Issues;
Difficult Missions;
Toxic Community.

Graphs 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay value 5

Average : 5.0

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