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Geometry Dash Review

Paring down a game to its elements, to the very essence of creative simplicity, Robert Topala's showpiece, Geometry Dash, takes you back to the halcyon days of vintage platformers like Rayman and Super Mario Bros, yet propels you ahead with a rush that's unmistakably modern. It's a seemingly straightforward run-and-jump game, but don't be deceived. With an uncompromising difficulty scale, Geometry Dash stacks up the challenges for hardcore gaming enthusiasts, making it vexingly delightful and strangely addictive.

A Dance of Colors

On the surface, Geometry Dash is blocks and squares, colored and stark. Yet, it doesn't take too long to realize that there's something mesmerizing about these seemingly simple visuals. Each level is endowed with its distinct palette and effects, crafted beautifully to flit your interest and keep you guessing. The developer have masterfully proven their expertise by crafting a game overflowing with vitality and thrill, using nothing but simple geometric forms and color transitions. Blending simplicity and complication, taste and intensity, in a 2D platform is an impressive feat.

A Symphony of Challenge

When it comes to levels, Geometry Dash covers quite a spread. The base version of the game offers a generous 21 levels laden with surprises and challenges. The developer goes a step further, introducing more complexity and dynamism with three additional spin-offs: Meltdown, SubZero, and World. Each level, every spin-off, is a world unto itself, demanding grit, agility, and an insatiable hunger for gaming. Should you conquer the developer's inventive challenges, a treasure trove of user-generated levels awaits you—each one a fresh take on this fascinating universe of squares and rhythms.

The Art of Gameplay

As a player, you helm a square character traversing treacherous terrenes and uncanny obstacles. The game provides a wide selection of customization options, such as a variety of skins, icons, and upgrades, allowing you to personalize your avatar and enhance your gaming experience. The controls are as simple. Tricky terrains demand sudden changes, compelling you to alter your pace and focus at a moment's notice. The lack of mid-level checkpoints adds to the suspense, thrusting a relentless reminder that it's all or nothing—perfection or defeat.

Pulsating Beats

The rhythm serves as a core component of Geometry Dash's captivating appeal. Each level pulsates and vibrates to riveting scores from DubStep and EDM maestros who have composed specifically for this game. Beyond mere background noise, the music sets a tempo and infuses an urgency into the gameplay, creating a unique blend of visual and auditory cues that players must master and memorize to progress.

A Retry-Friendly Game

In an age where flashy graphics and complex narratives often hog the limelight, Geometry Dash is a pleasant contrast. It shines in its modesty, in its use of simple shapes and colors, sculpting an enthralling gaming experience out of them. The game is worth every retry, each attempt bringing you closer to the rhythm and revealing new patterns. It whispers quietly, yet firmly, that elegance can reside in a square and complexity in a left mouse click. Geometry Dash stands tall among its platformer peers, not just surviving but excelling in its delightful simplicity.

Pros : Simple, catchy visuals;
Variety of challenging levels;
Customizable player icons;
Rhythmic EDM soundtrack;
Mastefully crafted Gameplay.

Cons : May take numerous tries to complete a level;
Lack of midlevel checkpoints.

Graphs 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay value 3

Average : 4.3

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