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Member Tools is an all-encompassing app for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, designed by the central church organization to facilitate member access to event calendars and to help pinpoint the location of their next congregational meeting. The application can operate on both Android and iOS systems, but the name of the app may differ depending on the geographic area. If needed, look for "Member Tools" in the App Store. All functionalities offered by the app are available at no cost.

App Functionality Rating: 5/5

The Member Tools application enables users to consult the LDS Church's official dictionary, stay updated with the latest organizational lists, and receive notifications regarding impending events. It includes complete schedules for temple open dates and ordinance availability. Moreover, the app makes acquiring contact details for any temple easy, which can be useful for inquiries or arranging group visits.

Additionally, this app delivers detailed reports concerning new member integrations, birthdays, missionary work, unit figures, ministering activities, and more. Detailed profiles for each missionary are also made accessible through the app.

Design Rating: 4/5

While the iOS and Android variants of the Member Tools app showcase different interfaces in accordance with their corresponding platform norms, both are designed for simplicity. The iOS app boasts a convenient bottom menu for one-tap navigation between various in-app sections. On Android, users navigate through a sidebar which can be revealed by a rightward swipe, consolidating app sections in a single menu.

Usability Rating: 5/5

With Member Tools, the most recent information about forthcoming meetings is always at your fingertips, coupled with the capability to receive notifications about your personal events to ensure you keep track of them. The app is also an essential tool for missionaries looking to disseminate information to fellow members and streamline organizational tasks.

Cross-Platform Accessibility Rating: 5/5

The app is free for use on devices running iOS 11.0 or later and Android 5.0 or above. Updates can be installed either manually or automatically, and the church's services are also accessible via the church's official website.

Ideal for those who:

  • Adhere to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints;
  • Seek to maintain personal, and organizational efficiency;
  • Appreciate the convenience of digital organizational tools.


Similarly to other apps by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, this one makes attending the church and important events much easier. You can easily check out the updates or organize other people if you have a missionary account.

Pros : Easy Access;
Contact Information;
Calendar Features.

Cons : Limited User Interface;
Slow Updates;
Syncing Issues

Interface 4

Key functions 5

Usability 5

Cross platform 5

Average : 4.8

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