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Fahren Lernen Review

Fahren Lernen is a German educational application that’s designed to assist learner drivers on their way to the license. The aзp offers a full theoretical course that meets the latest requirements of German driving courses. To access the app, you should receive a serial number by starting to attend a driving school in your area and use it to register in the app. According to Statista and Testbild, It’s currently the most popular driving theory learning service in Germany.

Functionality – 5/5

Fahren Lernen includes an extensive database of license preparation tests for different purposes, including car driving license tests (class B), motorbike driving license (class A, A1, A2, AM, and moped), bus and truck driving license (class C, C1, CE, D, D1), and driving license for agricultural vehicles (L and T). The app lets you learn online, but you can also download particular lessons to keep learning offline. Each course includes 3D and photo visualizations of road situations, as well as video instructions and concise theoretical texts.

Design – 4/5

The user interface of the Fahren Lernen app is quite cluttered, but we think that it’s rather hard to avoid cluttering the interface when you want to provide uses with so much useful information as quickly as possible.

Usability – 5/5

Fahren Lernen makes theory and practice learning much more convenient and stress-free. The app provides German driving theory and practice in simple terms and several languages so that even foreigners can use it. There are no ways to cheat with tests as the app uses screen control. You can also download media contents onto your device to save traffic on the go.

Cross-platform use – 5/5

Fahren Lernen is available for smartphones in the stores. If you don’t like using the app on your mobile device at home, then you will enjoy the browser version of the service. With regular cloud syncing, your progress can be monitored from any web browser, allowing for seamless access to your account.

If you like:

  • E-learning apps;
  • Leaning on the go;
  • Being a flexible student.


Fahren Lernen is an almost perfect application for driving school students as it lets you access high-quality educational materials on the go and prepare for practical tasks and exams faster. It’s a comprehensive driving course for the majority of civil license categories. Give it a try if you want to get your license in Germany.

Pros : Comprehensive Learning;
Interactive Learning;
Regular Updates;
Practice Tests;

Cons : Language Barrier;
User Interface;
Technical Glitches.

Interface 4

Key functions 5

Usability 5

Cross platform 5

Average : 4.8

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