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Kahoot! Review

Kahoot! is a dynamic learning platform that enables you to craft, disseminate, and partake in quizzes on an array of subjects. With a robust user base exceeding 50 million monthly active users, it caters to educators, students, business professionals, and households alike. The platform supports varied e-learning scenarios by allowing you to develop and facilitate Kahoots effortlessly. It can be conveniently downloaded at no cost from both the App Store and Play Store.

App Functionality Rating: 5/5

The Kahoot! mobile application grants seamless access to the comprehensive suite of features seen on the Kahoot! website. It comes equipped with a plethora of tools for rapidly designing educational quizzes, tests, and trivia on any theme or area of study.

The app provides multiple account types, tailored to equip educators, students, corporate teams, and families with the necessary tools for their specific use cases. For those pressed for time, the app also offers a multitude of pre-existing quiz templates that are easily customizable to suit particular requirements.

App Design Rating: 5/5

Attempting to put together a quiz using a standard word processing tool can be a time-consuming endeavor, lacking the convenience of specialized tools. The Kahoot! app's user interface streamlines the process of creating, sharing, and managing quizzes. Although around 10% of users feel the task can be laborious, our evaluations indicate that it is, in fact, one of the fastest tools in its category.

App Usability Rating: 5/5

Kahoot! introduces an entertaining twist to conventional classroom settings by drawing students into enjoyable educational quizzes. These can be shared privately or with the whole class, allowing for rapid assessment of collective progress. The platform supports both competitive and cooperative modes, fostering an engaging environment for students to accomplish tasks and reach specific objectives. The nature of the quiz you devise and the assignment you set will shape the overall student experience.

Cross-Platform Compatibility Rating: 5/5

Initially launched as a web-based service for interactive boards and desktop computers, Kahoot! has since expanded its presence to encompass iOS, Android, and iPadOS platforms. This cross-compatibility ensures quizzes can be hosted across a variety of devices and student demographics, maintaining comprehensive quiz-making functionality on all supported platforms.

In case you enjoy:

  • Educational quizzes
  • Crafting personalized quizzes
  • Innovative learning methodologies
  • Cross-device interactions
  • User-friendly educational tools


Kahoot! is the best wat to organize quizzes and educational games to integrate them into your current program. The service has proved efficiency in over 70% of classrooms, which is an exceptionally high result for a system that has been installed over 1 billion times. Kahoots match any age groups, so the applications are universal.

Pros : Engaging and Interactive;
Easy to Use;
Immediate Feedback;
Encourages Collaboration.

Cons : Internet Reliant;
Limited Question Types;
TimeConsuming to Create.

Interface 5

Key functions 5

Usability 5

Cross platform 5

Average : 5.0

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