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Kahoot: A Great App for Engaging Students in Fun Learning Review

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Kahoot! is an educational service that lets you create, share, and receive quizzes on virtually any topic. The app has over 50 million monthly active users, including students, teachers, employers, company employees, and families. Using the app, you can create and host Kahoots for a wide range of e-learning purposes. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Functionality – 5/5

This app lets you access the full functionary of the Kahoot! Web service. It includes a wide range of instruments for quick creation of educational tests, trivia, and quizzes based on any subject and topic.

You can create several account types to get the tools needed for teachers, students, families, and even employees. If you’re short on time, you can avoid creating original kahoots and pick up one of the millions of ready-made templates and quickly adjust them to your needs.

Design – 5/5

Try to create a quiz in an average word processor, and you’ll see how much time it takes if you don’t have a set of specialized instruments. The interface of the app makes the creation, sharing, and control as straightforward as possible. Around 10% of users argue that the process is too time-taking, but our tests show that it’s the fastest tool in the category anyway.

Usability – 5/5

Kahoot! lets you take a break in traditional classroom activities and engage students in fun educational quizzes. They can be shared either personally, or with the entire class to check the progress of all students quickly. Players can also take part in competitive and collaborative activities to complete tasks and achieve particular goals. Everything depends on the purpose of the quiz you create and the task you give to students.

Cross-platform use – 5/5

Initially, the service was created as a website for interactive boards and computers, but today it’s also available for iOS, Android, and iPad OS. You can host quizzes amongst students who use different operating systems and use the full quiz-making functionary on all devices.

If you like:

  • Educational quizzes;
  • Making your own quizzes;
  • A modern approach to learning;
  • Cross-platform interactions;
  • Straightforward services.
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Kahoot! is the best wat to organize quizzes and educational games to integrate them into your current program. The service has proved efficiency in over 70% of classrooms, which is an exceptionally high result for a system that has been installed over 1 billion times. Kahoots match any age groups, so the applications are universal.

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  • What is the Kahoot! app used for?

    It's an educational app, which lets you create challenging multiple-choice quizzes.

  • How to create a Kahoot?

    First, choose its type, then describe and review your kahoot. Add a question, save, preview, play, and share it.

  • Is the Kahoot! app free?

    Yes, it's a free learning tool for educators and students.

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