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Lumosity - Brain Training Review

For those keen on enhancing their brain's cognitive abilities, the Lumosity app warrants attention. Developed by Lumos Labs, Inc., Lumosity aims to heighten brain function and bolster skills encompassing memory improvement, focus, processing speed, and mental agility for tackling diverse challenges.

App Features: 5/5

Lumosity is equipped with a broad spectrum of cognitive and neuropsychological exercises designed to strengthen the brain's neural pathways. Its structured levels and categories span various difficulties, allowing individuals to hone their abilities in areas of personal importance. The key premise is that by dedicating a mere 5 minutes daily, users can significantly bolster crucial brain performance metrics. The workouts, akin to a delightful game, are both brief and of high caliber, courtesy of the joint effort between scientists and developers who convert complex tasks into engaging gameplay.

Design Quality: 5/5

The thoughtful and user-friendly design of Lumosity facilitates skill-specific training through well-organized categories. This categorization enables users to conveniently focus on and improve either a broad range of skills or selectively work on a particular area. The results of each task are displayed on a comprehensive scale, assisting users in tracking their progress and skill enhancement.

User Experience: 5/5

Lumosity proves beneficial for anyone looking to assess and advance their mental capabilities, or to simply train for quicker task execution. It provides a broad selection of games and activities designed to improve mental sharpness, increase processing pace, and optimize task execution, each contributing to heightened productivity and innovative thought.

Compatibility: 5/5

The app boasts compatibility across major platforms like Android and iOS, and it also features a dedicated website to explore its offerings. Lumosity ensures a smooth and stable experience on all supported platforms.


Lumosity is ideal for those seeking to refine their brain's cognitive functions without investing excessive amounts of time. The application's game-like short tasks are perfect for those aspiring to see tangible results. Whether your goal is to improve memory retention, reaction times, or concentration, Lumosity offers a convenient and effective solution.


The tasks in the application are designed in the form of diverse, interesting games, and therefore everyone who wants to improve his skills will be satisfied. Short tasks do not take much time, but developed by scientists are the most effective.

Pros : Variety of Games;
Personalized Training;
User-Friendly Interface;
Progress Tracking.

Cons : Subscription Required;
No Scientific Consensus;
Limited Free Games.

Interface 5

Key functions 5

Usability 5

Cross platform 5

Average : 5.0

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