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Ava Allen
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Lumosity: Interactive Puzzle Games for Brain Development Review

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If you want to train and improve the cognitive skills of your brain, you should pay attention to this app. The Lumosity app was created by the same name Lumos Labs, Inc. to improve brain activity, improve and pump skills such as improving memory, concentration, speed and flexibility of thinking to solve various tasks.

Functionality 5/5

The functionality of this application provides the user with cognitive and neuropsychological tasks that improve neural connections in the brain. The program is organized by levels and categories that have different difficulties, allowing the user to develop in a certain direction, improving his performance in areas of interest to him. The main idea is that a person without spending a lot of time on classes (about 5 minutes a day) works well on key indicators of his brain. Training with this application is more like a game, quite fast, but high quality, because the development of these tasks involves scientists who, together with the developers, turn the tasks into a fun game.

Design 5/5

The design of this application is thoughtful and convenient. The various tasks are divided into categories that characterize a particular skill, and if the user wants to improve a selected skill, it will be easy to navigate among the proposed categories and thus be able to train all skills or some separate skill focusing on it. With the help of the scale of assessment of completed tasks, you will be able to monitor the variety of tasks you have chosen to pump this or that skill.

Usability 5/5

This application will be useful for anyone who wants to evaluate and improve his brain, and possibly train it to quickly perform certain tasks. If you want to better remember data or names and numbers, improve reaction or attention, this application will come in handy. The offered games and tasks cover the widest possible range of training of brain activity, improvement of attention, speed of thinking and performance of tasks that provide higher productivity of work and creative thinking.

Cross-platform Use 5/5

This application is designed for such platforms as Android and iOS, and there is also a website where you can learn the functionality of the application. The application works stably on all the platforms it is created for.

If You Like

This application is suitable for all those who want to train and improve the cognitive skills of his brain. Short tasks in the form of games are suitable for those who do not want to spend a lot of time training, but are aiming to get an effective result. If you want to better remember data, improve reaction or attention, this application will come in handy for you.

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The tasks in the application are designed in the form of diverse, interesting games, and therefore everyone who wants to improve his skills will be satisfied. Short tasks do not take much time, but developed by scientists are the most effective.

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