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Prodigy Math Game Review

Prodigy: Kids Math Game is an educational app for kids who attend grades 1 to 8 and need a more exciting way to learn mathematics. The learning process is totally gamified and based on a really exciting fantasy world lore. The gameplay features lots of exciting tasks and a highly motivating progression system. Moreover, the entire experience is free to play.

Graphics – 5/5

Surprisingly, Prodigy: Kids Math Game is very different from all the educational games you know. The arts in the game look so good that your kid is really likely to become a fan of the Prodigy universe. The world within the game is lively and captivating, acting to boost mental stimulation and hone concentration throughout play.

Gameplay – 5/5

Similarly to many popular online mobile games, Prodigy: Kids Math Game starts by offering children to create a unique character. This way, they can feel more involved in the process and represent themselves with the protagonist, who learns math on his way through the virtual world full of wonders.

The game's storyline is designed to accommodate players of various skill sets, ensuring they can progress without becoming trapped by their strengths or limitations. At the same time, they’re not to easy and provide actual educational value to students. The combination of 8 grades lets students learn over 1400 math skills.

Controls – 5/5

The game features elementary tap controls and doesn’t require any complicated gestures so that all players could get the best experience from playing. When they come across math problems, the game provides a custom math keyboard with large buttons, so it’s actually very convenient to play despite the device screen size.

Replay Value – 5/5

In fact, your children may like this game so much that they will return to it year after year as it covers 8 years of school math. Additionally, the game includes a multiplayer mode, enabling students to enjoy playing collaboratively either at school or while at home.

If you like:

  • Learning through playing games;
  • Fantasy games;
  • Multiplayer gameplay;
  • Virtual exploration;
  • Modern learning methods.


Prodigy: Kids Math Game is one of the best ways to learn math for children who cannot concentrate on dull student books. The app can also be used by teachers and parents to check out student’s progress to set the right goals and awards for task completion. This game is an excellent complement to the school math program as it offers ways to teach kids through entertainment.

Pros : Interactive Learning;
Adaptive Content;
Comprehensive Coverage;
Progress Tracking;
Free to Play.

Cons : Paywall for Extras;
Repetitive Gameplay;
Difficulty Scaling.

Interface 5

Key functions 5

Usability 5

Cross platform 5

Average : 5.0

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