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Kids A-Z Review

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The popular Kids A-Z app from developer Learning A-Z is designed for learning. With this application, students have access to hundreds of books, which are presented in the form of a wide range of literature for skills development, reading and getting new knowledge in various subjects. Interactive tasks and quizzes perfectly diversify the learning process.

Functionality 5/5

The functionality of this application has ample opportunities to provide reading and learning, and the acquisition of new skills. The app offers access to hundreds of books that students can use at school, at home, or while traveling. A wide range of subjects presented in this application have different levels of difficulty and gradually move from one to another, students acquire new skills by increasing their level of knowledge. They can read the selected book, take notes, or listen to, and after finishing, the application offers them to take a quiz consisting of 5-10 questions to test their knowledge. Using this option, users can switch between the book and the quiz.

Design 5/5

The design of this application is developed for children, so it is bright and interactive. The application has a lot of quizzes and useful educational information for students, which helps to master the knowledge better. In some ways, it even looks like a game, because here you can choose an avatar to your liking and a space rocket and personalize them, using the stars obtained for the tasks.

Usability 4/5

This application is easy to use, because in its menu, all available information is cataloged, and the application has a lot of illustrative material, which allows students to clearly get acquainted themselves with a particular topic. After completing the task, students can send it to the teacher through the application. This application can also be used by blind or partially sighted students.

Cross-platform Use 4/5

This application runs on platforms such as Android 4.4 and newer, iPad, and iPhone. For people who are blind or partially sighted, it is possible to use the Kids A-Z app on the iPad.

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If you want to have access to school materials, love quizzes, want to have access to study materials anywhere and anytime, then pay attention to this application.

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With so much learning materials and interactive features, students will find it useful to use this app, and the availability of quizzes will make learning the material more interesting. The ability to send a completed task online is also a convenient option. The ability to choose an interesting avatar and change it brings to this application element of the game. A great tool for gaining new knowledge.

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