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Oliver Stewart
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Stack the States: An Educative Game for Learning US Geography Review

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The educational application Stack the States was developed by Dan Russell-Pinson for an interesting study of the United States geography. By answering the quiz questions and in an interactive form, players will learn the geography of states, their locations, state capitals, their locations on the map, flags, borders with other countries and much more.

Functionality 5/5

The functionality of this application is implemented in the form of a quiz with questions and an interactive part, which is somewhat similar to puzzles, because you need to fit the states to each other based on their shape. The game consists of rounds in each of which there are a number of categories that apply to certain states and focusing on certain features of one of the states and answering the quiz questions, players learn not only geographical features, but also remember state capitals, flags, and can watch good quality photos that show the famous sights of the United States. As an avatar in this game, you can choose any state you like and create up to six profiles.

Design 5/5

The design of this game is fun and more focused on children's audiences, but older audiences who want to know more will not be disappointed. The application looks more like a game and thus encourages players to learn and gain new knowledge. States here are in the form of personalities, they are colorful and cheerful, who, through knowledge tell their story, features and interests.

Usability 5/5

This application will be useful for anyone who wants to learn all about the states of America. According to your personal rating, which is formed as the game progresses, each player can assess current knowledge about the states, it's interesting things and features, and continue working with the application to improve knowledge or gain new ones. For children, this application is interesting because it contains school information, but set out in the form of a game, and it encourages you to learn and memorize the material in a fun way without boredom.

Cross-platform Use 4/5

This application is designed for platforms Android 4.1 and iOS 6.0 and newer, as well as for iPad Retina Display. Works on both iPhone and iPad and iPod touch. A universal application for those who want to learn more. The application works stably on all platforms.

If You Like

Try this application if you like quizzes and puzzles, games and learning, get ready for school and just learn something new or discover something interesting in the already known.

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This application turns the study of states into an interesting game. For children in primary school, it will be a fine application that provides the studying of school material in the form of games and quizzes, as well as for adults who like to learn something new. Good quality photos give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the attractions and features of the states. Additional mini-games will be a pleasant bonus. Stack the States is a great learning app for all ages.

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