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Hello Neighbor Review

Hello Neighbor is a game in the horror genre, which was created by Dynamic Pixels and released by Tiny Build and has become popular among this game genre fans. In this game, you have to figure out what kind of sinister mystery your neighbor is hiding in his house and believe it will not be easy, but it definitely will be extremely interesting.

Graphics 3/5

The graphics in this game is simple, and the drawing is similar to a cartoon and, unlike standard horrors, is painted in bright colors, but don't let it embarrass you, because it fully justifies its horror genre. And the fact that it is not implemented according to the canons makes it only more attractive and non-standard, and due to the mysterious and confusing plot of the game, the graphics generally recede into the background. Graphics is for 3 points out of 5.

Gameplay 5/5

In this game you have to solve the riddle of a suspicious neighbor and find out what he is hiding in his dark basement, what terrible mysteries he keeps there, and to do this you have to break into his house so that he did not see you, but if caught, then beware, because the neighbor is insidious and will set traps for you in places where you conduct reconnaissance. A neighbor's house consists of many rooms and dead ends, several levels and many strange objects which should not be in an ordinary house. You will have to solve logical mysteries to find the things you need or the keys to the mysterious closed door. You will shoot with a toy gun in the shooting range, you will escape from a shark, look into the school office, visit a mini-cemetery.

Controls 4/5

Controls in this game are standard, and for players who have already played some games, it will not be a problem to master it. The creators did not make any difficult controls at different levels, thus not confusing the player with new controls. Everything is simple and intuitive, after a short period of time, the player will be able to get used to without problems.

Replay Value 4/5

After finishing this game once, you can return to it again, because each time you can fool a suspicious neighbor in different ways looking for his secrets, and he, in turn, will always try to expel you out of his house and yard by setting traps for you, and therefore even playing this game again you can find some new and interesting riddle.


If You Like

If you want to feel like a detective or just love intricate, mystical and scary plots, you definitely should try this game.

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If you like to solve riddles, look for hidden objects and are ready to fool a suspicious neighbor then you should play this game. Look for keys, solve puzzles and find out what or whom a neighbor is hiding in his basement, and elements of horror and mystery will not let you relax.

Graphs 3

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay value 4

Average : 4.0

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