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Hello Neighbor Review

Hello Neighbor is an intriguing horror game crafted by Dynamic Pixels, with publishing undertaken by Tiny Build, delivering a thrilling and mystery-filled experience. This game has captivated fans of the horror genre with its intriguing gameplay. Gamers are tasked with the intriguing mission to unravel the dark mysteries concealed within the confines of their neighbor's house, an endeavor replete with challenges yet utterly enthralling.

Graphics: 3/5

Hello Neighbor offers graphics that are deceptively simplistic, resembling a cartoon with a vibrant color palette that stands in contrast to typical horror aesthetics. Nevertheless, the game's graphics support its spine-chilling premise effectively. The distinctive visual approach only adds to its charm and uniqueness. Despite the focus on a complex and enigmatic storyline, the graphics ultimately take a back seat, warranting a score of 3 out of 5.

Gameplay: 5/5

Gamers assume the role of a novice detective, unraveling the enigma of a suspicious neighbor and the mysterious happenings concealed within his basement. Stealth and cunning are required to infiltrate the neighbor's property without detection. If caught, players must contend with the neighbor's cunning traps. Navigating a labyrinth of rooms, dead ends, and bizarre objects that have no place in a typical dwelling, players engage in challenging brainteasers, utilizing keys and critical items to progress. Puzzles may involve anything from a toy gun shootout to escaping a shark or exploring a tiny graveyard.

Controls: 4/5

The game features conventional controls that are easy to grasp, especially for gamers with prior experience. Dynamic Pixels ensured that controls remained consistent across all levels to avoid confusion. Simple and user-friendly, players are expected to adapt with ease after a brief adjustment period, securing a score of 4 out of 5.

Replay Value: 4/5

Hello Neighbor retains its allure even after the initial playthrough. Players can experiment with various strategies to outsmart the cunning neighbor, who continually adapts by setting new traps. The changeable nature of the neighbor's behavior allows for the discovery of novel puzzles and challenges upon replaying the title, justifying a replay value score of 4 out of 5.

If You Like:

If you're drawn to investigative tasks or have a fondness for intricate, mysterious, and exciting stories, Hello Neighbor comes highly recommended as an experience to try. Get ready to dive into a game that masterfully blends suspense with challenging gameplay.


If you like to solve riddles, look for hidden objects and are ready to fool a suspicious neighbor then you should play this game. Look for keys, solve puzzles and find out what or whom a neighbor is hiding in his basement, and elements of horror and mystery will not let you relax.

Pros : Intriguing Concept;
Puzzle Solving;
Graphics and Art Style;
Adaptive AI;
Immersive Environment.

Cons : Difficult Controls;
Lack of Clear Instructions;
Repetitive Gameplay

Graphs 3

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay value 4

Average : 4.0

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