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Secret Neighbor Review

TinyBuild has released a sequel to the horror game Hello Neighbor, previously created by Hologryph and Dynamic Pixels. The Secret Neighbor actions take place after completing Hello Neighbor, and the players' goals in the next game will be the same, you have to get into the neighbor's basement. However, Secret Neighbor is now available for multiple players.

Graphics 4/5

We already know the graphics of this game from the first part of Hello Neighbor. The sequel will offer like-a-cartoon graphics and a bright atmosphere, but is unlikely to impress experienced gamers. The graphics are not suitable for everyone, because it rather looks like a cartoon.

Gameplay 5/5

Six players in the role of six children need to get into a scary neighbors basement to free their friend. Of course, the neighbor will do his best to prevent them from doing this. Interestingly, now each character in this game has some extraordinary skill. The game location is traditionally a huge multistory building with a lot of inconspicuous rooms, various hiding places and locked doors. Here, actually, every location has plenty of details that you need to pay attention to for finding the correct key. The main feature of the game is a traitor in the team. Before starting the game, one of the players gets a special role to be a neighbor. He can disguise himself as a child at any time and try to prevent children from getting into a basement.

Controls 3/5

Control in this version of the game is divided into six players, but due to some bugs control can be blunted and sometimes the network code does not identify all six players and sometimes it happens that someone cannot start the game due to a bug, then other players must wait for him or start searching again.

Replay Value 4/5

In the game, you can have a good time playing with the company, but the rounds in this game are short, 15 minutes each, and the game can be ended quickly. But the ability to play the main villain and invent various tricks for players to thwart their mission makes this game more dynamic and interesting enough to play it again.

If You Like

When you like to play in the company inventing new tactics, including the role of the villain; look for non-standard solutions and solve secrets; 15 minutes rounds; cute cartoon graphics in horror.

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Multiplayer and the ability to play the main villain are the main attractions of the game. Inventing new traps for players can be a lot of fun for a company, but for someone, rounds of 15 minutes may seem short. Elements of horror in cartoon graphics look interesting.

Graphs 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 3

Replay value 4

Average : 4.0

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