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From the house of SEGA comes another installment in their famous franchise – SONIC SUPERSTARS. This action-packed game invites you once again into the thrilling world of anthropomorphic hedgehog Sonic, his friends, and his foes. Let's explore the complexities of this game, taking a close look at its graphical detail, interactive features, potential for multiple playthroughs, and diverse elements.


The graphics of SONIC SUPERSTARS are a true visual feast. Bright colors and detailed textures bring Sonic's world to vibrant life. The character designs remain faithful to their original versions while also boasting a 3D makeover that adds depth and dimensionality. The settings are diverse and engaging – from lush forests to industrial zones – all rendered beautifully with crisp details.


The game delivers an exhilarating, rapid tempo of play, brimming with excitement and adrenaline surges, which is precisely in line with the anticipated experience of a Sonic title. Each character you can choose from possesses special abilities that introduce a varied dynamic to the game. The controls are smooth with responsive mechanics that make navigating through obstacles a breeze. The levels offer plenty of challenges requiring swift reflexes and strategic planning.

Replay Value

Brimming with numerous levels, hidden secrets, and unlockable characters, SONIC SUPERSTARS has an excellent replay value. Players will find themselves returning to earlier stages to seek out every last secret or simply beat their own high scores. Additionally, the multiplayer mode allows for endless fun competing against friends or family.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, SONIC SUPERSTARS is an electrifying ride packed with action and adventure in equal measure. It excels in all aspects, from graphics to gameplay, and provides significant replayability, rendering it an essential acquisition for Sonic aficionados and platform gaming devotees.

Pros : Fast-paced and addictive gameplay;
Variety of characters, each with unique abilities;
Diverse settings provide a fresh backdrop at every level;
High replay value with numerous secrets and unlockables;
Smooth controls for easy navigation through obstacles.

Cons : The difficulty curve can be steep for new players;
The storyline is not as engaging compared to other Sonic games;
The multiplayer mode lacks online functionality, restricting it to local play only.

Graphs 3

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay value 4

Average : 3.8

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