5 Back to School Apps to Streamline Your Life

5 Back to School Apps to Streamline Your Life on Liontamer Top Blog

Getting back to school and not sure how you’re going to handle this slightly annoying fall chaos? We’ve got you covered! Make sure you browse through the below list of life-saving back to school apps we’ve come up with to help you make this school year more cheerful and hassle-free. 

1. MyHomework: Excellent Student Planner App

myhomework app screenshot

This iOS- and Android-friendly student planner application with a clean interface and intuitive design provides access to your homework and all the due dates for the upcoming seminars and exams. Upon completing the assignment, you can instantly erase it from your list within the app. MyHomework makes scheduling easy, super speedy, and convenient!

2. Cozi Family Organizer: Your Personal Digital Assistant

Cozi Family Organizer screenshot

On the one hand, this lovely calendar app is similar to its multiple brothers. On the other, it has lots of really special peculiarities and perks. This fantastic app excels at helping you systematize your daily routine and reminding you of important events and meetings. Furthermore, the app is a very effective grocery shopping assistant. Great for both students and regular folks. 

3. Khan Academy: Feed Your Hunger for Knowledge

khan academy screenshot

This kid-friendly application offers lots of interesting stuff for all the knowledge-hungry children out there. Featuring courses in all possible subjects and over 150,000 interactive exercises with instant feedback, providing assistance in passing tests, offering its free learning library to anyone who loves to learn, this app is sure to tickle your fancy. This learning tool has cemented itself as one of our ultimate favorites in today’s selection of free apps for school.

4. DuoLingo: Learn a Foreing Language on the Go

duolingo screenshot

Learning a new language is challenging, especially if you haven’t practiced your vocabulary and grammar during summer and are now all rusty. However, with such an amazing tool as DuoLingo, you will enjoy continuing your learning process, for the app transforms the used-to-be-boring side of language learning into a fun and engaging game! Get this free app and make the most of instant access to 35+ languages through quick, fun, and bite-sized lessons.

5. Brainscape: Among the Best Free iPad Apps for Schools

Brainscape screenshot

With this smart and handy back-to-school application, you will enjoy finding, creating, and studying electronic flashcards while effectively enhancing the quality of your schooling experience. Featuring flashcards on a wide variety of subjects and focusing on the science of repetition, Brainscape is going to significantly speed up your learning potential. It’s available on most popular platforms, including iOS and Android.

What’s Your Favorite Back to School App?

As you can see, there’s a huge quantity of digital tools that can effectively aid you in getting back to school, both in terms of scheduling and learning new things on a regular basis. Perhaps, you have your own list of top favorite school applications? Feel free to share it with your fellow-readers in the comment box below. Speak up and get the discussion going!

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