5 Best Apps for Learning a Language

5 Best Apps for Learning a Language on Liontamer Top Blog

Digital learning is on the rise, that’s a fact. Therefore, sometimes it seems that these days, there’s an app for any field you would like to master. With regard to mobile apps for learning a language, there are thousands of them on the scene. If you’re a bit overwhelmed by this number and can’t choose the worthiest tools to assist you in brushing up on your foreign language skills, we’ve made the search easier for you by publishing our top picks below. Enjoy.

1. Duolingo: Quick, Easy, and Intuitive

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This tool is among the leading free language learning apps on the scene. With this amazing mobile application at your service, you will enjoy gradual approach and natural at-your-own-pace progress. The app focuses on reading, writing, and pronunciation. It lets you know about your mistakes and provides a wide array of fun game-like activities, just to make your foreign language learning journey more exciting. Duolingo is a wonderful instrument for your enjoyable language learning experience. 

2. Memrise: A Great Studying Aid

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With this fine mobile application, you will enjoy learning a foreign language via top-notch visual aids, as well as tons of informative video clips with native speakers. The app will please you with its user-friendly interface, as well as its super handy offline mode for learning on the run. Memrise won’t make you fluent in Russian or Chinese within several months, but it’s a superb study aid worth adding to your toolkit.

3. Busuu: Immersive and Interactive

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With over 100 million registered users across the globe, the Busuu language learning app is most famous for its interactivity. The application allows you to practice foreign vocabulary and grammar through bite-sized, self-paced exercises. You will also love its versatility and interactivity. Busuu even allows you to get feedback on your writing and pronunciation skills from native speakers. 

4. HelloTalk: Chat With Native Speakers

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This app allows you to refine your foreign language skills by communicating with native speakers and, thus, immersing in the language of your choice. The application offers limitless access to a wide array of its features, tools, and languages. By making the most of the HelloTalk app, you can be both a student and a teacher, while breaking down barriers between continents and mastering any foreign language you like.  

5. Beelinguapp: Focus on Reading

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If you’re on the prowl for a solid language-learning app with an emphasis on reading, Beelinguapp is exactly what you need. This mobile application provides language learning experience that involves articles, short stories, and books. It features an audiobook reader and is capable of displaying a story in both your native language and the language you’re learning on the same screen.

Language Learning Apps: Best Tools 

Are you an eternal learner, just like us? Then, you will fancy the apps we’ve carefully selected for this post. Maybe you’re already familiar with a few of them, by the way. Which of them do you like best? Perhaps, you have a few online language-learning tools in mind to add to our today’s listing? Feel free to share your opinion on the topic with us in the comment section below. We value any kind of feedback from our readers greatly.

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