7 Best Kid Learning Apps, or Education Made Fun

7 Best Kid Learning Apps, or Education Made Fun  on Liontamer Top Blog

These days, learning is exceptionally accessible. Educational apps have become a great means for enhancing communication between you and your kid. If you’re on the prowl for the best educational smartphone apps for your kiddo, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we will elaborate on some truly awesome both iPhone- and Android-friendly learning apps that excel at engaging kids’ brains and allowing them to have a blast while learning new stuff every day. Sounds inspiring? Keep reading for more knowledge and inspiration on this topic.

1. Prodigy: Boost Your Kiddo’s Math Skills

prodigy app screenshot

This fantastic learning app sets your child on an exciting journey where they enjoy rescuing furry little pets, participate in various contests, and have fun playing with their buddies. The trick is that your little scholar is actually polishing their math skills along the way. 

2. Monkey Word School Adventure: Super Fun!

Monkey Word School Adventure screenshot

If your child adores adventure games, this smart free learning app for kids is going to take their breath away! While playing Monkey Word School Adventure and enjoying its jungle-themed visuals, as well as captivating gameplay, your kiddo will intuitively improve their reading and writing skills.   

3. Lightbot: Code Hour & Basic Concepts of Coding

lightbot screenshot

This puzzle game app is made to teach children programming logic and the fundamentals of coding. While playing, a kid guides their small robot buddy across a range of tiles by taking advantage of commands that are utilized in coding. Lightbot: Code Hour was created with children in mind, but it’s a great starting point for coding beginners of all ages.

4. Duolingo: Best App for Learning a Language

duolingo screenshot

This free educational app is immensely popular among kids and adults who are learning a foreign language. Via this fun and application, you can explore a variety of languages ranging from Italian and German to Swedish and Japanese. Duolingo is not a standalone course, but it’s a fine addition to your foreign language learning toolkit.

5. The Elements: App for Kids Learning the Periodic Table

the elements app screenshot

Looking to teach your kids the periodic table in a non-boring way? Let them install The Elements on their iOS gadgets and have fun with it. Inspired by a best-selling book, this excellent application enhances the process of learning each element in the periodic table (and the story behind it) via both verbal and visual content. 

6. Epic! Boosting Your Kid’s Reading Confidence

epic app screenshot

Epic is the top rated online library for kids 12 and younger, featuring over 40,000 fascinating children-friendly books, educational vids, and reading quizzes. Once the app tracks down your kid’s favorite books, it starts offering them personal recommendations based on their interests. Smart, inspirational, and handy!

7. WolframAlpha: Pocket Encyclopedia

WolframAlpha screenshot

Wolfram Alpha is a great learning tool that can aid parents and educators in teaching children new facts every day. It’s a treasure trove of expert knowledge on an array of scientific subjects, e.g. chemistry, math, astronomy, geography, and

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