Named Output Date and System Requirements Need For Speed Unbound

Named Output Date and System Requirements Need For Speed Unbound on Liontamer Top Blog

Need For Speed Unbound is an adrenaline-pumping street racing video game from Electronic Arts. The game allows players to take part in an exciting open-world experience as they race against time, opponents, and the police. With a unique set of tracks, cars and upgrades, Need for Speed Unbound has something for everyone.

Need for Speed Unbound is an open-world racing game where players race against time, opponents, and the police. Players have the ability to customize their cars with unique modifications and upgrades, as well as a race on various tracks throughout the game.

Players must earn enough money to qualify for weekly races, defeat rivals and outrace the police. Players will also be able to challenge other drivers in online races, as well as create their own custom races.

The much-anticipated racing game Need For Speed Unbound is finally getting released soon. Electronic Arts have already released technical information and a schedule of preliminary downloads and playing around the world. The video was also shown to show the game process. 

The heat required 3 and 4 generations of Intel processors and GTX 760 and 1060 graphics cards for minimum and recommended requirements, respectively.  The minimum graphics card on which you can play Unbound is the 1050I.

It is interesting that the requirements for the video card have not only increased to the next generation but also to the video card of the highest segment, in the case of recommended settings, because the NVIDIA XX60 chips are much weaker than XX70. 

It seems that soon-to-play modern players will have to significantly update their computer iron.

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