5 Best Apps to Read on Your Smartphone

5 Best Apps to Read on Your Smartphone on Liontamer Top Blog

You would never think that a smartphone app could be a great way to read. After all, you can’t really curl up in bed with your smartphone, right? However, that’s not the case at all. There are numerous apps available for the smartphone that is designed specifically with reading in mind, and they can be an excellent way to get your reading done.

It all starts with downloading a few apps that you enjoy. You’ll find that once you find a few specifically designed for reading that you enjoy, you’ll find that reading on your smartphone is a great way to get your daily reading done.

I’ve found a few of the best apps for reading. A few words about the apps:

1. Google Play Books

I have to start with this one because this is the one that I use most. I probably use it more than any other app. I use it to read on my phone, my tablet, my laptop. I use it when I am waiting in traffic, while I am waiting in lines, and while I am sitting on the toilet. The only thing I don’t use it for is reading at night. I still prefer a real book at night. This is the one app that I use every single day.

2. Amazon Kindle

I have a number of books that I have purchased from Amazon and have not transferred to Google Play Books. So I have to have this app as well. I don’t use it nearly as much like the Google Play Books app, but I use it from time to time.

3. Kobo

I use this app on my tablet and my phone to read when I am on the go. It has the largest selection of ebooks that I can find anywhere.

4. Aldiko

I use this app on my tablet and my phone to read ebooks that I have downloaded to my computer. I use Calibre to manage my ebook collection and I usually download the ebooks to my computer and then transfer them to my tablet and phone. This app is not available on the App Store but is available on Google Play.

5. Nook

I find that this app is not as polished as the other ones, but I use it anyway. I am not sure why I use it. It might be because I have purchased a number of Nook books. But the app doesn’t have the nice user interface that the others do.

Now, I am curious, what are your favorite reading apps?

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