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Best Apps for Learning to Draw on Liontamer Top Blog

If you want to draw and doodle but don’t know where to start, there are plenty of apps that can teach you how to draw.

1. How to Draw: Sketchbook by TutoTOONS

This app is geared towards kids and teaches them how to draw using some really cool tools. It even has a game mode that lets you try your hand at drawing fast and guess what you’re trying to draw. It’s a great way to test your drawing skills and see if you can keep up with the pace of the game.

2. How to Draw for Kids by Drawing Lessons

This app is similar to the TutoTOONS app, except it’s for older kids, and it has a few more features. For example, it has a section just for drawing animals, and it teaches you how to draw specific animals like dogs, cats, and so on. The app also offers a “speed drawing” section, so you can learn how to draw a subject in 60 seconds.

3. Art Academy by Nintendo

This app is a bit more advanced, and it’s geared towards people who are looking to learn how to draw and paint. It offers a ton of drawing tools, including pencils, brushes, and even paintbrushes. You can use the tools to create a variety of different styles and techniques, and you can even use the app to practice shading and different techniques that are hard to practice using paper and pencil alone.

4. SketchBook Mobile by Autodesk

This app is a bit more advanced than the first three, but it’s still very beginner-friendly. It uses a brush tool called a “paintbrush,” which is easy to control, and it helps you to create drawings that look a lot like pencil sketches. You can even load photos and use the app to trace out the photos and create your own drawings.

5. Doodle Jump - How to Draw

This is a cool drawing app that actually lets you draw on the app. It’s a drawing app that lets you draw on static backgrounds, which is a really cool feature. It also has a few fun tools that let you draw in different colors and use cool effects like stickers and stamps.

6. Sketch Pad by MOOV

This drawing app offers a few different features that are fun and easy to learn. It has a “grid” mode that lets you draw on a grid to help you create precise drawings. It also offers a fun “tilt” mode, which lets you use the iPhone or iPad’s accelerometer to draw on the screen. This is a fun tool for people who are just learning how to draw.

7. Color Touch - How to Draw

This is another drawing app that lets you draw on the app. It has a few different drawing tools and a section just for coloring. You can use the app to learn how to draw, and you can use it to practice coloring as well.

Learning to draw is a skill that not everyone will be interested in. However, it is something that can be very rewarding in the end. While it is certainly possible to learn to draw on your own, you will find it a lot easier to learn to draw if you have the right tools.

The apps we have reviewed will certainly help you to learn to draw. In fact, they will help you to learn to draw better than ever before. If you are looking to learn to draw, any of the apps on our list will be able to help you.

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