Brace Yourself for the Post-Apocalyptic Strategy Game Showgunners – Launching on May 2!

Brace Yourself for the Post-Apocalyptic Strategy Game Showgunners – Launching on May 2! on Liontamer Top Blog

Are you a fan of post-apocalyptic strategy games? Then get ready to enter the world of Showgunners, launching in just over a month. Developed by Artificer, a studio made up largely of co-creators of such games as Hard West and Phantom Doctrine, this title is sure to be full of interesting gameplay.

Set in a dystopian future, Showrunners puts players into an immersive turn-based strategy experience. You’ll find yourself making key decisions from both tactical and strategic perspectives as you try to survive against enemy forces while also managing resources and personnel. The game will feature open warfare with up to 8 players at once trying to outwit each other using advanced tactics like flanking maneuvers or surprise attacks.

The game also features some unique elements that make it stand out from other titles in its genre. For example, each character has their own set of skills that can be used strategically during battle – like using special abilities or taking advantage of environmental hazards - all while trying to protect their own troops from harm in order to ensure victory. Additionally, there are various missions that can be completed cooperatively with friends online or solo offline for those who prefer single-player experiences.

Showrunners promise an intense journey through an alternate history where every decision counts, and no two battles ever unfold exactly the same way due to the dynamic nature of combat encounters and mission objectives alike. This makes for an engaging experience that will delight any fan looking for something new amidst the sea of post-apocalyptic strategy games available today.

All things considered, if you're looking for something new and exciting within the genre, then look no further than Showrunners. This upcoming turn-based strategy game from Artificer looks like it'll provide plenty of hours of challenging entertainment starting May 2nd!

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