Flash Dodge Mechanic from CS:GO and Valorant Rumored to Shine in Modern Warfare 3

Flash Dodge Mechanic from CS:GO and Valorant Rumored to Shine in Modern Warfare 3 on Liontamer Top Blog

The initial round of beta testing for the soon-to-be-released Modern Warfare 3 wrapped up a few days ago, offering a taste of what players can anticipate in the upcoming installment. The beta version highlighted revisited maps such as Estate and Rust, introduced new firearms and diverse gear, and much more.

The next wave of beta testing is due to commence on October 12, and with it comes additional content. Enthusiasts can expect the introduction of Highrise while also looking forward to modifications suggested by Sledgehammer Games.

One speculative adjustment, however, has stirred speculation and excitement among fans—the integration of the 'flash dodge' feature seen in games like Valorant and CS:GO.

Modern Warfare 3 is predicted to integrate a flash dodge feature

Flash bombs are vital components of first-person shooter games, enabling players to capture space, eliminate enemies hidden around corners, or securely advance toward their goals.

Despite their importance, not all games utilize flash bombs in the same way. In Valorant or CS:GO, players with fast reflexes and keen instincts can avert a flash, diminishing the blindness it inflicts. In contrast, Call of Duty's flash bombs don't discriminate, blinding users whether they evade it or are out of sight of the thrower.

Prominent game leaker TheGhostofHope has suggested that this paradigm may shift in Modern Warfare 3, with players potentially able to dodge the disorientating effect of the flash bomb.

While this revelation awaits official confirmation, the fan base reacted with immense positivity to the potential change. One enthusiastic player chimed in, stating, "That’s a decent modification, in my opinion."

Others, however, were quick to note the balancing act required by Sledgehammer Games for this mechanism; Zacb08 suggested, "It should still induce a ringing in your ears, regardless, but only cause blindness if directly faced."

Sure enough, if this purported change takes effect, it is expected to benefit those using high-sensitivity controllers. Sharp reflexes will be paramount to capitalizing on this potential feature, as players would have to react swiftly to avert a flash bomb effectively.

While the potential change is reportedly under consideration, it is not expected to be rolled out until the official launch of Modern Warfare 3 next month. It definitely stokes interest to see Sledgehammer Games experimenting with fresh features, even if they are drawing inspiration from other games in the first-person shooter genre.

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