Twitch Initiates Discovery Feed Test for Limited User Base

Twitch Initiates Discovery Feed Test for Limited User Base on Liontamer Top Blog

Twitch has initiated its Discovery Feed experiment for a chosen number of users. The company revealed its plans to incorporate a new Stories and Discovery feature, aimed at offering streamers additional means to engage their followers off live streams. 

The concept takes a leaf from the playbook of other social media platforms. More details were shared about Twitch's Discoverability Feed, described as "a scrollable feed in the Twitch app presenting users with a personalised selection of Clips”. 

As of now, Twitch has enabled this feature for a limited number of users to "evaluate and fine-tune our algorithms and the overall user experience." Twitch clarified that the early experiments do not signify the final design or experience of the Discovery Feed, and requested more community feedback ahead of a larger launch.

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