YouTube Comment Moderation Gets Stricter

YouTube Comment Moderation Gets Stricter on Liontamer Top Blog

Comments across platforms are often time bombs. You never know when or where exactly they will explode. It is especially true for YouTube, where users can leave messages of different content. You have to either accept it and move further or simply disable this feature. Unfortunately, the second option significantly reduces viewer engagement.


The platform developers want to get the situation under control and are currently testing an updated moderation system. It will be aimed at combating not only trolling and malicious comments but also spam. Although the service has used machine learning in conjunction with artificial intelligence to remove inappropriate messages automatically in the past, it is probably not enough to cope with the ever-changing tactics of spammers.


According to the professional YouTuber Marques Brownlee, the spam situation on the platform has been poorly controlled for several months. The total number of such messages has grown so much that no one can cope with them. It seems that now the developers do everything possible to counter it and add new management tools to accounts. Brownlee found that there are additional options for creators to increase the filtering of malicious comments.


The service spokesperson Ivy Choi said that the company really strives to be as flexible as possible with filtering and constantly adapting to new challenges to keep the comments sections clean. Perhaps we will get new methods to control spam and offensive messages in the future. However, it will take some time for the new functionality to be available everywhere. Have you noticed an increase in YouTube spam lately? Have you had to delete it manually, or do you think the internal algorithms are doing a good job?


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